We organize a new blog just to exchange messages, pictures and videos between school Madre Catarina Lepori and Rwanda. The new address is:



Página destinada ao intercâmbio entre os alunos da Escola Madre Catarina Lépori - Brasil e alunos de Ruanda, país localizada no continente africano.

*Page online for the exchange between the students of Madre Catarina Lepori - Brasil and students in Rwanda, a country located on the African continent.


Hello!! We are Catarina Lépori school students, we want to get to know you!

This is our blog!!

School pictures:


 Students in 7th grade

 We hope your contributions!

Look at the video!

Another extension video.

This video was built by the studants of Catarina Lepori school. We put the project name: "Kivu", because we find that name belongs to a lake that connects Ruanda and Democratic Republic of Congo.

We put images and photos about us, our school and city too.

We expect the contribution of you!!!


 About Santo Ângelo:

In the downtown is our church

On Sundays is common to meet people in the square to chat, cycling and walking.


We realize, this week, with science teachers and physical education, a walk around by our school.

  Our school is located next to an area with many trees, because it is far from this city center

 The students were observing nature, and pollution


 Near this area green, passes the freight train. Students observed the train tracks.

 Agricultural fields

 Here, some people use the horse to pull small carts

 The students loved this activity outdoors

  Now we present our laptop





                                         Teacher looking at homeworks

New video: 
Derick presenting the school:


O Grupo de Dança Lado B da Rua, representando a Escola Aberta Catarina Lépori, participou no último sábado, dia 17/11 do VII SANTIAGO LATINOAMERICANO – Santiago Também Dança conquistando o 1º lugar na categoria juvenil II.

* Our school has a dance group who this weekend won first prize at the VII Latin American Santiago: Santiago also dance.


Os professores promoveram nessa última semana, uma confraternização especial na escola, envolvendo símbolos, comidas, decoração africana e também um pouco da cultura negra brasileira.

* Teachers promoted this last week a special fellowship in school, involving symbols, foods, African décor and also a bit of black culture in Brasil.



Nesse evento estiveram presentes os professores, funcionários da escola, a equipe do NTE que conduz o projeto com o país africano e a equipe da etnia afro de Santo Ângelo.

* In that event, were present all teachers and school officials, the NTE team that working together with school about Rwanda.

A decoração foi produzida pelos próprios professores. 

* Decoration by teachers.





16 comentários:

  1. Hello All,

    Thank you for the video showing us your school.
    Soon you will get the video for the school of GS Kicukiro too.


  2. Hi, am happy that the project is still going on, Its still progressing in Rwanda.
    I am now in India for school but I am available to answer any of the questions that your students may be having about Rwanda. We miss you and we love Brazil> extend my regards to all students,and the entire community.
    Rwanda is a good country and Brazil is also good.


    1. Thank you my friend Lote for your message!!!

      Students from Catarina Lépori!
      Lote is very nice boy from Rwanda. In 2010 he was studing Computer Science at University in Rwanda and he was volunteer of One Laptop per child project in the schools. He is a very smart guy and he can answer your questions about Rwanda.
      Cheers! Silvia

  3. Hello students!
    Meu nome é Silvia e moro em Porto Alegre. Morei dois anos em Rwanda (2009 e 2010) e por isso enviei o link do blog de vocês para meus amigos lá.
    Parabéns pelo belo trabalho!
    Grande abraço

  4. Hello!!
    Great!!We are communicating with the world!
    I am inviting all students, Rwanda, India, Brasil, to put your message here!!

  5. Hello, I am very happy to know you, you are doing a very great Job, linking the world together, we are ready to keep the flow of the communication.

  6. Olá, alunos da EEEF Catarina Lépori e Ruanda.

    Meu nome é Maria Inês ( LEC/UFRGS) e estou bastante impressionada com o blog de vocês.Observei que já foram inseridos alguns posts no mesmo.
    Estamos torcendo para que o projeto seja um sucesso.

    Continuem trabalhando!

    Hello, students of Catarina Lépori School and Rwanda.
    My name is Maria Inês ( LEC/UFRGS), and I´m very impressed with your blog.
    I´ve seen some post on it.
    We ave cheering for the success of this project.
    Keep working!

  7. Hello Students from Brazil,
    I am so sorry for the school of GS Kicukiro, they have been so busy with exams (nationals) for P6 pupils and S3 pupils that it is why there is no answer up to know.

    But I have another alternative as they other are in holidays, you can atleast be connected to Kids who are coming to what called "OLPC Corner". if you don't mind let me know then we can start.
    they are kids from different schools!!


    1. Ok Pauline, no problem.We are very happy with the opportunity to learn more about Rwanda with the group "OLPC Corner".

  8. Aline, should I know how to upload more pictures so that i can add more or I can send it on your mail???

  9. Olá, sou Gelso Cattelan, Téc. d Suporte do NTE Missões, gostaria de dar meus parabéns pelo blog, ta muito bem distribuido e organizado, abs

  10. Parabéns a todos! O projeto é maravilhoso!

    1. Obrigada Carla!Estamos agora no período de férias, mas em março daremos continuidade ao projeto com Rwanda!Um abraço!

  11. hallo!
    Am Arsene Twizeyimana From GS.Kicukiro
    now we are working with children.helping them developing differences projects using scratch activity.